Creating clients for life

It is our belief here at Home Retention Alliance of California that all homeowners deserve to be informed and to fully understand their rights. It is in the best interest of our leaders in government to protect the buying power of the American people. In recent years, State and Federal agencies have passed landmark legislation to not only protect the victims of the housing crisis, but also assist in softening the impact that the economy is having on all of us.

Experts predicted the tsunami like effect of the housing crisis would spare very few American homeowners. In its wake, thousands upon thousands of homeowners were left hanging with destroyed credit and unanswered questions. While numerous government programs were created to help banks, we have always looked outside the box to create real solutions for the homeowner.

The most common program to help homeowners with financial hardship is the traditional loan modification. But as most can verify, this is a painstakingly slow process with little to no guidelines in place to protect against fraud or illicit business practices. Although loan modification has been successful for some, only a small percentage of homeowners who apply, actually end up qualifying. It would be naïve for homeowners to believe that banks are required to modify loans for every homeowner who qualifies for help. The reality is that the bank’s first priority is always to make a profit, not to save the home that provides shelter for your family.

Home Retention Alliance of California not only has the resources to help you find the best possible solution in your time of need but also the experience and expertise to help you understand how new laws and legislation can work to your benefit. Don’t be a victim of mortgage fraud, our organization would never ask you to pay upfront fees or transfer title. We are not here to push you or steer you in any particular direction, we are only here to provide you with all available options and empower you with the knowledge to help you, help yourself. Our mission statement is simple …we want to create clients for life.

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