Mission Statement

Home Retention Alliance of California stands for honesty, integrity and reliability.

We believe our clients deserve service that exceeds expectations. Whether it’s fighting your trustee to postpone your foreclosure or working with your bank to provide a more affordable payment, we want to help our clients stay in their home. Each client is treated as part of the family and provided with the best possible loan for their unique situation.

In this changing market with home values declining and lending guidelines tightening, more and more homeowners are finding themselves in foreclosure. We innovated and looked outside the box to find a solution to this growing problem. Knowing the limitations of traditional lending in the mortgage industry, we envisioned a brand new concept and created a real solution for struggling homeowners in foreclosure.

Home Retention Alliance of California employs a team skilled in several fields, loan and mortgage experts, financial professionals, and technology specialists. We give you the advantage when seeking mortgage options. Our handpicked group of seasoned professionals have extensive industry-related relationships, in depth program knowledge and a proven track record of integrity and due diligence. Strong negotiation skills and extensive product knowledge are put to work on your behalf. Great service and a customized solution is the result.

To remain competitive in today’s mortgage industry, we have reaffirmed our commitment to provide excellent customer service and integrity. Unlike law firms and other loan modification companies, we do not charge any upfront fees. We don’t follow the latest trends in the mortgage industry. Instead, we create real solutions relative to our clients specific needs.

At Home Retention Alliance of California we recognize and rely on the concept that our client’s experience with us will help us grow through referrals and lifelong business relationships. We believe that each and every one of our clients deserves the intimacy of working with only one Loan Professional from beginning to solution.

Our mission statement is simple… we want to create clients for life.

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